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Data Protection Statement


The Data Protection Act requires companies and individuals who process and retain information about their customers to tell the customer how the information will be used and to what purpose it will be put. The Act does not restrict itself only to information kept on a computer; it is relevant to any ordered filing system.

This Privacy Statement is observed by Fairfield Finance

Fairfield Finance as mortgage, finance and general insurance brokers collect, hold and process information relating to individuals personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. They are listed on the public register of data controllers held by the Information Commissioner.

Fairfield Finance is committed to processing personal data ‘fairly and lawfully’ and to maintaining the privacy and protection of all data collected in relation its broker services which extend to the security of its web site. (Processing incorporates the concepts of ‘obtaining’, ‘recording’, ‘retrieval’, ‘consultation’, ‘holding’, ‘disclosing’ and ‘use’).

Fairfield Finance also complies with the terms of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Collection of information

Most of the information we require for mortgages, loans or general insurance is obtained  from your original enquiry, by telephone or by the completion of  forms sent through the post or completed on our web site.

We will collect information about your personal circumstances and financial situation to enable us to advise on and provide you with a suitable mortgage, loan or general insurance product. This may include, with your permission, a credit search or searches from a credit agency (See ‘Notes on credit searches’ below) and references from third parties such as your current mortgage lender, landlord or employer.
We will always ask for your permission where credit searches and references are required.

Where a joint enquiry is made, an association between you and any named partner or spouse will be created at the credit reference agency. This will link your financial records, each of which will be taken into account in all future applications.

Where a joint enquiry is received from only one applicant you will be asked to declare that you are entitled to disclose information about the other applicant and that you can authorise us to search, link and record information from both parties for credit search purposes.

It is important that you provide us with accurate information as lenders and insurers may check your details with fraud prevention agencies. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is suspected it may be recorded by them and shared with other organisations.

How your information will be used

We will use the information you supply to select the most suitable mortgage, loan or general insurance product for your circumstances and to process your application. It may also be used to confirm your identity and residency.

If you become a client of Fairfield Finance we may, with your permission, use this information to contact you in the future regarding our products and services.

Who we will share your information with

In the course of providing our services we may share your information with brokers, mortgage packagers (mortgage packagers process mortgages on behalf of lenders), potential lenders and insurers.

For regulated products your details will be made available to regulatory authorities such as the Financial Services Authority.

If we are unable to help you in any matter, we may, with your permission, pass your details on to a third party  who may be able to assist.

Retention of your information

If you become a client of Fairfield Finance we may keep your information for a number of years so that we can meet guidelines and obligations laid down by regulatory and industry bodies.

In the event of a failed mortgage application or where no product has been provided your information will be kept for a minimum period as required by the regulator. We may keep your information longer at our discretion.

Lenders, insurance companies solicitors and any other companies we pass your details onto may also keep your information in their records.

Fairfield Finance do not record incoming or outgoing telephone calls.


The website uses ‘temporary cookies’, also called ‘session cookies’, which are temporarily stored in your browser's memory and are deleted as soon as you end the session by closing the browser.  You will not be recognized on subsequent visits.

We use temporary cookies purely for the completion of our online application forms.  Your information is only used in relation to our website and not in relation to any other websites you may visit.

Your rights

Where we hold personal data about you, you have a right to ask us for a copy of this information. You should address any request for this information to:

The Data Protection Co-Ordinator, Fairfield Finance, 7 Abbey Court, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7AT.

You also have a right to have any incorrect personal data that we hold on you corrected, blocked, erased or destroyed. You must write to the Data Controller at the above address to do this.

Telephone: 01952 812280      Fax: 01952 811975                 (Office hours 9 – 5.30 mon-fri)

Details of the information that credit reference agencies hold on you can be obtained by writing to them and enclosing a fee for £2.00. In addition, if you wish to know how they use your details you can also request this information from them. Contact addresses for the three main agencies are detailed below.

Callcredit plc, Consumer Services Team, PO Box 491, Leeds  LS1 5XX

Equifax plc, Credit File Advice Service, PO Box 3001, Glasgow G81 2DT

Experian Limited, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham  NG1 5GX

Further information on your rights and the Data Protection Act can be found on the Commissioner’s web site: (

Notes on credit checks.

A ‘credit check’ is the term used  when a lender or other organisation requests details on the credit history of a person from a credit reference agency. A credit reference agency is an organisation that collects data on the borrowing and repayment history all individuals; they also collect additional information. This includes information from the electoral roll, and records of county court judgements and bankruptcies.

Lenders obtain credit checks on individuals to assist them in making the decision to lend and the terms of any borrowing. They also share information through the agencies. Your details may become associated with a joint application and any associates details could be considered as part of a credit application.

Where a credit check is carried out this will be recorded and will show up on future searches. Multiple searches can adversely affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

In addition to a credit check a lender may subject your data to a credit scoring process which assesses your personal details against their acceptance criteria. (Credit scoring is usually a computerised process that is gaining in popularity with lenders as it enables them to make quick lending decisions).




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