We have access to lenders who specialise in the purchase and/or re-mortgage of flats above restaurants and fast food takeaways. The following types of commercial units can be considered:

  • A3 - restaurants and cafes
  • A4 - drinking establishments
  • A5 - fast food takeaways
Flats Above Restaurants

If you are looking to purchase this type of property then we have listed a few points for you to consider:


  • Conveniently located in the heart of cities / towns / villages for good access to local amenities and public transport
  • Flats of this nature are located in areas which are unavailable to people living in conventional homes / flats
  • This type of living can be 10-20% cheaper than buying a similar sized flat in a purpose built residential block
  • Flat over restaurant living is evidenced within Birmingham and other cities such as Manchester and London where it is becoming more accepted and popular in today's society. It has been suggested that flats of this nature may attract premium prices in the future due to increased public demand combined with locality.


  • There is the potential of living above or near antisocial premises where there are smells, noise or late night opening
  • The commercial premises beneath the flat may become derelict and reduce the value of the property / affecting saleability
  • The usage of the commercial premises beneath may change. It is advisable you check with the local council / your solicitor to see if there is a proposed change of use permitted / planned.
  • Re-saleability may be restricted as in certain areas flats of this nature tend to be less desirable and slower to sell than standard purpose built flats.
  • Insurance premiums are likely to be higher, especially for flats located above restaurants / takeaway outlets, due to fire hazards

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